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Web Document Management

As well as our stand-alone and network based solutions BME can also host your documentation on our secure web based service. Posting your documents on our secure server will enable you to search for the file you require from a flexible range of locations.

Our Gatekeeper web-hosting service allows documents scanned within our scanning bureau to be uplaoded to a secure web server and then made accessible instantly to all users. Our service can be completely customised - much like our bespoke software - enabling it to "look and feel" like the rest of a companys infrastructure. With unilimited document retrievals and the ability to print documentation as required, this is the perfect solution for companys based in more than one site.

Web brower collaboration can also be provided with programs such as Microsoft SharePoint to provide an organised and centralised web-based application for an organisations information. This provides a streamlined experience for organisational staff as by using a product that is currently in use at the company no further training is required and the system can be maintained by existing IT staff. SharePoints personalisation features also allow for improved navigation, intergration with Microsoft Office including Outlook and an indexed search.
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