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Survey Form Design

BME can offer a full forms processing service from design and printing, arranging mail delivery and returns and the final data capture and analysis of results. After a full consultation with the customer we design the survey form to the specified requirements. The customer is then consulted as to the layout. Once the requirements are satisfied we arrange for the survey documents to be printed and sent out to the survey receipients if required. We arrange a return address, usually a PO Box for the survey forms and collect them once they have been received.

Survey forms can be designed to include check boxes, multiple choices, open ended questions and any other relevant form of questioning. We also analyse the order of the questions as the question and answer choice order can encourage people to complete your survey. They could also affect the results of your survey. Points to consider include the kinds of questions asked at the beginning of your survey, where to place the difficult questions and question grouping. Ideally, the early questions in a survey should be easy and pleasant to answer. These kinds of questions encourage people to continue the survey. Grouping together questions on the same topic also makes the questionnaire easier to answer. Whenever possible leave difficult or sensitive questions until near the end of your survey. Any rapport that has been built up will make it more likely people will answer these questions. If people quit at that point, at least they will have answered most of your questions. These are the difficult decisions that need to be considered when designing a survey and here at BME we aim to help you make these decisions in the best possible way.

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