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Networking and Networking Maintenance

Here at BME we can install complete networking systems from scratch, or improve on your existing network. We can provide all the relevant hardware you require for a new network setup, including computers and servers. All of our networking systems use category 5 and 6 cables in order to provide fast and stable connections across the network. ADSL and SDSL connections can be encorporated as well as the addition of VPN (Virtual Private Networking) where possible.

Our network maintenance solutions aim to ensure an efficient network as well as assisting you when issues arise. This includes network load balancing to enhance the scalability and availability of critical TCP/IP based services and quality of service (QoS) configuration to provide priority including dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter and improved loss characteristics. We recognise that when networking systems have problems it effects the productivity of a business so we offer fault finding services and repair when required. In order to avoid these problems we also recommend and offer regular network maintenance packages.

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