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Networked Image Hosting

Alongside our web hosting document management system we also have a networked document management system. Not all customers are able to use our web-based system due to security constraints so prefer our network based system. The network system can be completely customised - much like our bespoke software - enabling it to "look and feel" like the rest of a companies infrastructure. With unlimited document retrievals, the ability to print documentation as required and the facility for multiple members of staff at different workstations to be looking at the same documents at the same time, this is the perfect solution for companies who require more than one member of staff to have access to the documentation.

Both our standard and bespoke software can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of network use. The option to have a secure log is also provided, in order to allow an additional element of security for those who need to know who has accessed the documentation. All information is encrypted and can be password protected if required.

Companies can choose whether to have their data stored and made accessible to their companies network through an external portable hard drive or to allocate their data to their own network servers.
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