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Forms Capture

Almost all organisations require data from completed forms. We can process your pre-printed and electronic forms for conversion into intelligent and useable data. By having this information available electronically staff can easily collect important information, gather statistics, produce reports and quickly review important data within the company. Our processing system eliminates any manual processes you may have previously used, and expedites the process to reduce outgoing costs.

The scanned data can be converted to any preffered format such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Access, or even a CSV file. The original documents can be returned to you, stored or securely destroyed, as per your requirements. If you choose to have your documents securely destroyed you also have the benefit of reducing document storage within your company, therefore reducing expenditure.

BME can offer a full forms processing service from design and printing, arranging mail delivery and returns and the final data capture and analysis of results. For more information on our full service please click here.

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